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At Corsier Port Shipyard, we are not resting on our laurels and are constantly reinventing the shipyard with innovative projects. With these projects, we continuously aim to improve and to prepare the port for the future yachting.

Renovation Project: The Port

le-PortSince 2009, Corsier Port Shipyard has been working on renovating its old structure over 50 years old. As boats and handling techniques have evolved, it has become necessary for the shipyard to modernize in order to accommodate all types of boats. By installing new and modern equipment that is efficient and environmentally-friendly, we aspire to further increase the satisfaction of our customers.
The building permit for the Port Project was issued in late 2013 and we expect to have the Port finalized by 2017-2018.

Heritage Conservation Project: Museum expansion for the Musée du Léman in Nyon:

Corsier Port Shipyard is a part of the Board of Trustees for the Musée du Léman in Nyon. Our team is dedicated to helping the museum preserve the unique heritage of the Corsier Port Shipyard. We are assisting with the development of the museum’s Lake Site, located adjacent to our facilities. The Lake Site will display 700 boats that we have built in our shipyard over the last century. This project is an important priority at Corsier Port Shipyard.